Sing for change

The first thing we do in this world is cry. The beginning of everything is not word, but cry. When we read or write words, we can simply forget that. Human lives have been greatly changed by capitalism, which results in cries of sadness, horror, rage… cries of refusal: NO.

Theoretical reflection lies in the beginning of negativity, opposition, fight. Creative ideas are born from rage, not from calm musings or reasoned and slow, laid back reflecting-on-the-mysteries-of-existence that is traditionally connected with philosophers. When there is a dissonance, we begin to think. This dissonance can have many images. Tears of grief, mumbling of discontent, cry of rage, roar of frustration… These are all strong emotions and situations that bring us unease, confusion, or negativity.

Every negative emotion comes from dissonance of our current situation with past experience, or expectations. That experience may be different: either recalling of hard work at the plant, or stress in the workplace, or disturbance because of oppression in the family, of poor living conditions or psychological discrimination, violence or something. Sometimes it can be some indirect experience, for example, stories of other people, books, or mass-media.

A lot of children live without proper homes, on the streets. Often such children are killed for their attempts to steal or invade private property of other people. According to year 1998’s data, the assets of top-200 most well-off people counted more than total assets of 2,5 billion of other people (which makes 41% of the rest world's population). In 1960, people in the countries with top 5 wealth in the world had average incomes 30 times larger than those of the poorest five countries. Moreover, in 1990 this disproportion was 60 to 1, and in 1995 – already 74 to 1. It’s awful, but each time when rise of global unemployment is indicated, there is also a rise in the stock market. While those who wish to vote for free education are taken into jail, others who are responsible for global poverty, are heaped with honors and titles, such as President, Minister, Secretary of Defence, etc. We can list such things further and further. Any newspaper or TV program fills us with feelings of anger or pain.

To have better mood we can recomend simple thing as to watch new movies or movie's new trailer from Internet or cinema. Filled with all these emotions, we also may stumble upon the fact that all of them are not isolated phenomena, that they are all interconnected, as a complex feeling about a wretched world, a world that is fundamentally wrong. While the stock markets beat all records and rich people increase their incomes to ever dizzier heights, there are more and more poor begging money for food. This leads to a thought that these wrong, wretched things in the world are not some numerous yet non-systematic injustices, but part of a fully wretched system. This is well described even in movies. Almost always they begin with pictures of a fundamentally unjust world (yet, afterwards they usually portray happy pictures of reacquiring justice and happiness for an individual with the help of individual efforts).

So, we become enraged when we see not just some particular cases of injustice, but a systematic wrong, askew, untruthful picture of the world. When we see particularly horrifying things, we usually say something like “It cannot be! It’s not true!” We know that it is true, but this is an “incorrect”, “wretched” truth.

What should world be like in order to be “true”? We usually don’t know for sure, but we expect that it would be world of justice, a world of good treatment to each other, a world in which people can shape their lives on their own. In any case, it is definitely not the world like it exists today. Well, knowing that the world is wrong does not require having a detailed utopia image to replace it, or some romantic ideas of a future good world. We do not need to be promised a happy ending in order to justify our rejection of this wretched world. That is where we begin: rejection and negation of a wrong world. This is what we should stick to.


Calculation of life situations using numerology

Numbers have a strong influence on the life of humans. In numerology calulator software there is a detailed description about all the numbers and the user is able to check the details of different numbers. This is also helpful for the user to choose the numbers for him which could be his lucky numbers. This program has shown good results for many users due to which its fame and popularity is increasing. Many users however are thinking that this program is not able to work and they believe that they are not required to use it. It is not harmful to give a try to this program as it is possible to use it free of cost. If you are willing to give a try to this program then you can get it from the internet freely and check your lucky numbers.
If you are using systems like numerology calculator for making all the important decisions of your life then you will be a victim of superstitious beliefs. Such beliefs were in abundance in the past but these have reduced to much extent in the present time. Such number systems could have some importance but more importance is of facts and these number systems if consulted then it is not the meaning that these are always true but the fact is that these are not always false as well.

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