Yet, there are plenty of factors that prevent us from expressing our negative attitude. While our life constantly adds fuel to our rage, there are heaps of arguments against expressing it that are seemingly quite reasonable. There are heaps of ways to bounce our enraged cries back against us… We are accused of prejudiced negativity; we may be “too negative” because of our age, or our backgrounds, or about bad character. We may be hungry, or have slept badly, or suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome. We are asked lots of very reasonable questions. Can’t we understand how the world is diverse, and how difficult it is to struggle for radical changes? And than, after all, do we not know that it is unscientific to scream?

The society and mass-media force us to be more scientific, to study sociology and political science – and this makes our rage dissipate. We begin to consider it stupid and irrelevant. Screams and frustration are unscientific, you know. The academic discourse gives us way of thinking and terminology which does not involve negativity at all. And if we still gave a desire to cry out, it appears as a phenomenon to be explained, not as something to be expressed. The scream quits being the source of negative thoughts about society, and starts being the object of analysis. Why should we scream? Or, as science calls for objectivity, why should they scream? We look at social revolt, discontent and outrage as at somewhat distracted. Our screams are disqualified and explained from a scientific point of view, backed up by research and statistics. The act of crying out is not extinguished, but it is robbed of influence and important, excluded from real life. When we play the role of social scientists, we learn that one always has to be objective and ignore feelings. And so those scream becomes no longer needed, and our sense of injustice is disarmed.

But does social science make disappear the things that outrage us? No! It only makes us learn more about them, but is that really of any use? The horrors of our life just continue. That is why we advise you to do a childish, unscientific thing: to scream, to cry out, to ignore all scientists and specialists, and express your pain, rage, tears in your scream. If you see that something is wrong, do not let your thoughts be diluted! Let them call us whatever they want, but this is our starting point: we cry!